Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yours truly !!!!
So, what happened to the carefully cultured Molson muscle???
I have lost 15 pounds since embarking on this new life style (i.e. trailer park trash!!).
Long walks on beautiful beaches like this one are great exercise, and very enjoyable.
Loving this life style....

Beach, St. Joseph's SP

St. Joseph's SP amp site.

St. Josephs SP

St. Joseph's SP.

During the cold snap, this cutie spent about 30 minuters one morning, trying to figure out how to fly thru our window.

Not liking the cold snap. Coldest (-5>-10) and longest ( 10 days) according to local ABC weatherman, based upon his 30 years experience

Percy: "Phoebe is such a drama queen"!!!

Henderson Beach SP. Jan. 2, 2010.

New Year's Eve, 2009, Harbor Walk Village, Destin, Florida.

Local artist (could have lived in Eastern Canada before moving to Florida), takes advantage of the cold weather to make his cool roadside advertising even cooler !!!